These shoes are 100% wool felt. They Will form fit to your feet so if you’re not sure of your size err on the side of a bit small.

The black and the gray come with round toes. The other colors come with pointy toes.

Each pair has a sewn on thin leather sole so that they can be worn indoors or out, but the soul may have to be sewn back on from time to time as it is basted on.

what are them for a couple of hours and they will form fit to your feet and become your go to footwear when you take your work shoes off or when you’re sitting in camp or at home or at those winter events.

Colors are in European size. To convert them simply Google any European size conversion table or send me an email and ask.

UWe keep limited stock but can always order for you if we don’t have them. Custom colors and sizes are also available but may take a couple of months to get in.