I carry a line of  saris that are all silk. I can’t vouch for the material used for the embellishments but the base material has been tested.

the turnover on these are too fast to keep up with it on this webpage. To see the postings of the  saris please go to my Facebook page at Miriam’s yarns and fibers.I post on most Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 8 PM Eastern when I am not at a show.

Colors and patterns will vary depending on stock look at the individual pictures before choosing.

My Saris are vintage… Which is a fancy way to say used. That is why I can offer them at a price that comes down to less than six dollars a yard for silk. Because they are used they may have small stains or some bleed through from one of the bordering colors or other imperfections. I try to notate this in the description when I notice it.

The usual size is about a yard by a little over 5 yards but many of them are significantly larger and again I will mention it if I notice it.